School Policies

School Policies

Please take the time to read & understand all the clauses in this document, as it constitutes a legally binding contract between you and Virtuosi School of Music.


Trial lessons

1. One trial lesson is allowed per teacher, to ensure a productive repore & understanding, prior to committing to the yearly program. That is, multiple trial lessons with the same teacher, on the same instrument, are not allowed.

The purpose of taking multiple trial lessons is only to have a comparison before deciding which teacher to learn with, or which instrument to study.

Barring special offers for existing pupils, for a limited time, until further notice, each new pupil is allowed one ‘free-trial lesson’, though may take one or more further 30 min ‘trial lessons’ with other teachers, or on other instruments at the cost price of 20 euros for pupils under the age of 21, or 24.20 euros for adult pupils (inc. 21% btw). This fee must be received to the school bank account before any subsequent appointment can be confirmed following the initial ‘free trial’.


Registration & Payment

2. A completed, signed registration form is required to begin regular lessons. By signing the registration form you declare that you have read and agree with the policies and fees of Virtuosi School of Music. For new and returning students there is a one-off non-refundable registration fee of 30 euros (non-instrumental group classes including music theory are exempt). This has been temporarily waived until further notice.

3. Upon registration, students agree to complete one full Academic Year or one complete Lesson Package. If a student wishes to stop lessons midway through the Academic Year, a refund is not possible. However, it is possible to change instrument / teacher within our school, or transfer the remaining lessons to another family member or friend to be used within the current Academic Year (September to July). Students paying monthly will be charged for any lessons remaining in the current Academic Year. A refund is only possible in the case of relocation to another country (clause 22).

4. Adults and home students select a minimum package of 12 lessons. All Package lessons must be paid for upfront and in full. Should the student wish to stop before the lessons are used a refund is not possible. However, it is possible to transfer the remaining lessons to another family member or friend.

5. Students new to Virtuosi School of Music may choose to take a ‘Trial Lesson’ before committing to any of our Year Programs or Lesson Packages. For further trial lessons, 20 euro must be received into our bank account before an appointment can be confirmed. For adult students aged 21 and over the cost of a trial lesson is 24.20 euro (21% BTW included). One free trial lesson per student for a limited time.

6. The yearly fee for the Academic Year applies to students taking lessons at all locations. All course fees must be received before the start of the first lesson.

7. The 3% Upfront Advance Payment Discount is only applicable to students following regular Instrumental Lessons (Academic Year program), and only where payment is received in full, upfront in advance. Please note that the discount is only for Upfront Advance Payment prior to lessons commencing. Where payment is not received in advance, the 3% discount can no longer apply, as payment is not considered to be ‘upfront in full in advance’. Should a reminder be required due to late payment, the 3% Upfront Advance Payment Discount will be null and void, and your invoice recalculated without the 3% discount.

8. For students subscribed to monthly payment by incasso, authorisation for direct bank debit must be given before lessons can begin. For monthly payment, the yearly fee is divided into 11 equal installments taken at the beginning of each month from September 2015 up until and including July 2016. A one-off 11 euro administration fee is applied to all monthly payment students; likewise spread evenly across the 11 installments of the Academic Year, i.e. one euro per monthly installment.

9. The monthly payment option is only available to students enrolled in regular weekly lessons following the full Academic Year program. All other courses must be paid in full, upfront in advance. These courses include all Adult and Home Student Lesson Packages, the Early Childhood Music Awareness Class, Music Preparation Class, Adult Music Appreciation Course, Music Theory Class and any of our Summer Holiday Programs.

10. The fees & policies stated on this website are valid for the current Academic Year. These will not be changed during the current subscription period. Advance notice will be given of any change in the fees & policies for the following Academic Year via our website. It is recommended that parents and students check our website regularly for updates between seasons.

11. Siblings of registered students will receive a 10% discount. The 10% discount also applies to a 2nd instrument in the same family. The discount will apply to the lesson of equal or lesser value.

12. Should late payment require a reminder to be sent, a 16 euro administration fee will apply. For every subsequent reminder actioned by Virtuosi’s Financial Administration the late payment fee will be doubled as follows:

1st Reminder: Loss of 3% discount + 16 euro late payment fee.

2nd Reminder: Loss of 3% discount + 16 euro + 16 Euro (total 32 Euro) late payment fee

3rd Reminder: Loss of 3% discount + 16 euro + 16 Euro + 32 Euro (total 64 Euro) late payment fee.

13. In the event of failure to meet financial obligations, all recovery costs will be borne by the student or student’s parent / legal guardian.


Holiday Dates & Lesson Locations

14. Holiday dates are determined by lesson location. Lessons taken on campus at our host school Elckerlyc International School follow the holiday dates of the host school. Binckhorstlaan holiday dates apply to all students taking lessons at our Mooof Studios. Calendars are listed on the Virtuosi School of Music website.

15. Lesson numbers may vary due to the different holiday dates of each lesson location. Virtuosi School of Music guarantees a minimum of 36 lessons per academic year. Students whose lesson day receives less than 36 weeks (according to the regular calendar of their lesson location) will receive a credit on their yearly invoice at the beginning of the Academic Year. In the case that a pupil changes from a day or location receiving less than 36 lessons, to a day or location receiving 36 or more lessons within the current Academic Year, their invoice will be re-calculated and the extra lessons added. In the case a student chooses to move to a day or location receiving less lessons than their original day, a refund is not possible.

16. If a student enrolled for the yearly program would like to change to Home lessons during the year, the yearly enrollment will remain unchanged, with only travel cost per lesson added to the existing invoice. It is not possible to withdraw from yearly enrollment, by switching to a ‘package’ within the enrolled school year.


Lesson Attendance & Absence

17. If illness or any other circumstance such as a school trip, sports day, planned holiday, attending birthday parties, exams, school celebrations etc., prevents a student from attending a music lesson the pupil has no right to financial restitution nor make up lesson(s). No compensation nor make-up will be made for lessons missed due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, bad weather, strikes & calamaties at all lesson locations, including school inset days or student free days at our guest schools.

18. On compassionate grounds, such as hospitalization or bereavement, with sufficient advance notice (minimum 7 days) efforts will be made to reschedule where possible. Options will be given which may include other locations and teachers on different days. It is the choice of the parent/pupil to accept one of these options, or else forfeit the missed lesson(s). Such rescheduling is limited to 3 times per Academic Year. Casual cancellation through a student’s own choice or any of the circumstances mentioned in clause 17 is not included. Choosing to go on holiday during prescribed lesson dates is thus choosing to forfeit any lessons missed as of consequence.

19. Student concerts are an important part of the school’s academic program. These take priority over regular lessons. Where there is a conflict in scheduling between regular instrumental lessons and Student Concerts, the Student Concert will take priority. Lessons missed due to Student Concerts will not be made up, however, consideration will be given to ensure that Saturday students will also receive a minimum of 36 lessons, or a credit on their invoice (as per clause 15).

20. In the case of illness or absence of the principle teacher, a substitute teacher will be provided. If no substitute teacher is available, a ‘make up’ lesson will be arranged by the principle teacher. The principle teacher is directly responsible to schedule make up lessons for the lesson he/she missed at the earliest possible convenience. All lessons must be completed within the current Academic Year.

21. Adults and Home Package Students take lessons by appointment with their teacher. If unable to attend a scheduled lesson, sufficient notice to the school is required (36 hours minimum) to avoid incurring the full lesson fee. In order to achieve a good course result, the student is ideally expected to take a minimum of one lesson per week. Package students taking a package of 20 lessons or more select a free book to the Maximum Value of 15 euro from our library (excluding teaching resources & special editions). This is not transferable to additional lessons & cannot be taken as credit.


Lesson Termination

22. Once a student has completed the current Academic Year, they will automatically be re-enrolled for the following year, unless the school is informed 30 days in advance. Adults and home students will automatically be sent a new invoice toward the end of their current Lesson Package for a new Lesson Package of equal length.

23. Termination must be in written form by post or email. Notice is required 30 days prior to the end of the current Academic Year, by postmark or receipt of email. To avoid miscommunication we cannot accept verbal cancellations. For late cancellations, 25% percent of the yearly invoice will be charged.

24. Where an employer requires your family to relocate, a letter or official document from your employer must be provided one (1) month prior to stopping lessons.


Safety & General Release

25. Parents are responsible for the supervision of students and their siblings waiting outside of the lesson time. Virtuosi School of Music cannot be held responsible for any injury caused to or by students and siblings who are not supervised by a parent or caregiver outside of their lessons. Virtuosi School of Music is not responsible for damage to or theft of personal items.

26. Photographs of class activities and pupils are used by Virtuosi for newsletters, website, media releases and publicity. If you prefer your child to not feature in any such materials, please send a written request before the start of the first lesson along with your registration form.


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