Individual Trial Lesson

One to one propaedeutic lessons lay at the heart of music education. Here the foundations of technique and musical understanding are imparted through the student’s instrument of choice. While learning in tandem is also possible, each student has unique needs and abilities, therefore we generally encourage one teacher – one pupil for propaedeutic lessons. The term Virtuosi  has been carefully chosen. It reflects values of excellence and embodies a philosophy of openess as well as the goal of self-enlightenment. Historically ‘Virtuoso’ was a term used to honour a person distinguished in any intellectual or artistic field. In England, for example, the Virtuosi were a group of Renaissance doctors who encouraged self-help and awareness. However, since the late 17th century the term has been used specifically in reference to musicians…

By working closely together as a community, we achieve much good. An established rapport and working relationship between teacher and pupil is golden, which is one reason we provide the introductory ‘trial lesson’; matching each new student to the most suitable teacher, and even preferred language of instruction where available. Our teachers come from all over the world to further their careers, and speak a broad range of languages.

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Each new student is issued a Practice Agenda, Manuscript Book, Pencil and Folder when they begin their lessons. Their teacher recommends the appropriate course book, though will always be mindful of monetary constraints when formulating lesson plans. The door to knowledge is open to all who wish to enter! A good student will come well prepared, and constantly asks questions. If you don’t ask questions, you will never know the answers… Ultimately, it will be up to each student to get the most out of their teacher and music lessons. We wish you every success as you begin your musical journey.

We can also provide expert advice with regard to the purchase, rental and maintenance of instruments. We are happy to offer independent advice from our network of sponsors, local suppliers and retailers to suit both your budget and needs. A good quality, well set up instrument need not be overly expensive, and will allow the student to progress far more rapidly – even avoid serious injury – in the long term.