Individual Instrumental Lessons

Pupils under 21 Years of Age

One to one propaedeutic lessons lay at the heart of music education. Here the foundations of technique and musical understanding are imparted through the student’s instrument of choice. While learning in tandem is possible, each student has unique needs and abilities, and we generally encourage one teacher – one pupil for propaedeutic lessons.

 Upfront payment receives 3% discount

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2019/2020 fee schedule

Per academic year Upfront payment (3% discount) 11 monthly payments
30 minutes 972.00 942.84 88.36
45 minutes 1368.00 1326.96 124.36
60 minutes 1656.00 1606.32 150.55
20 minutes* 720.00 698.40 65.45

*only for students younger than 5 years old

From September 2018 there is a Ensemble Skills Surcharge of 90 euros per pupil, per Academic Year. All pupils will elect to join an ensemble, either recommended by their teacher or of their own choosing. This is run at minimal cost to cover staffing to enable each pupil access to up to 30 hours ensemble coaching.  The surcharge will be itemised on the invoice.

Please note that for student’s joining mid season invoices will be calculated from the first lesson, so the monthly amount will vary from that stated above.

For full details of payment policies please refer to our School Policies

Lesson Packages for Adults (over 21) or Students learning at Home*

Adults, especially those working for international companies, often have unpredictable schedules. Likewise students taking lessons in their home do not need to follow set holiday dates, as their studio is always open. Adults and home students select from a package of lessons to suit their needs, and take lessons by appointment with their teacher.

Available Packages for Adults*

12 Lessons

15 Lessons (with free manuscript book)

20 Lessons (with free manuscript book & method book)

25 Lessons (with free manuscript book & method book plus one additional free lesson)

 * a 5 lesson ‘Starter Package’ is available for new adult pupils

(Per Lesson) 12 lessons 15 Lessons 20 Lessons 25 Lessons
30 minutes €27 €324 €405 €540 €675
45 minutes €38 €456 €570 €760 €950
60 minutes €46 €552 €690 €920 €1150
90 minutes €69 €828 €1035 €1380 €1725

Students over the age of 21 – add 21% btw

*Lessons at home are possible for a minimum visit of 60 minutes. An additional 10 euro call-out fee per visit is charged for the teacher’s travel time.

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