Glee Club

What is the Glee Club?

The Glee Club is singing the latest pop songs in choir, focusing on harmony and performance. Perfect for kids 8 years of age and up! Choir Director: Mischulaikah Grune

Glee Club / Pop Choir with Mischu Laikah 15:30 – 17:00 Saturday

This course focuses upon the development of tight vocal harmony using contemporary repertiore, as well as listening, ensemble & performance skills.

30 Sessions

Cost: 446 or 49.55 p.m (9 Installments). Free for continuing pupils

Rock Band and Glee Club will run with sufficient number of students

We are working together…

The two programs will join each other by performance! The Rock band will learn some songs that the Glee Club will sing while looking forward to performing together in both December and July for the final recitals. For the Rockband, we are looking for drummers, guitarist, pianists, bassists, flautists, percussionists and any kids that would like to learn to play in a group! This teaches them how to listen, focus and PERFORM! The Glee Club is looking for passionate singers, kids that want to sing, but are still a bit shy to sing alone, also the Glee Club warmly welcomes kids with loads of personality, that are interested in performing solo, and love the stage! On a Saturday afternoon, both programs use an hour and a half to warm up, learn and prepare for the stage. We look forward to put a real show together, so prepare to be wowed! The program starts on Saturday October 17th 2015 and will run through the entire school year with exception of school vacations! Looking forward to seeing you(r kids) there!

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