Photo of Alice Boccafogli

Alice Boccafogli

Teacher in: Recorder, Early Childhood, Music Preparation Class, Singing
Languages of teaching: English, Italian, French

Recorder player and soprano Alice Boccafogli was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1983. Ms Boccafogli studied flute at the “G. B. Martini” Conservatorio in Bologna under Giorgio Zagnoni. She also studied recorder at the same institute with Giorgio Pacchioni and Daniele Salvatore. She graduated summa cum laude in March 2008. Alice specialises in both Contemporary & Early repertiore, working with the Prime Project in Lausanne (Switzerland), Antonio Politano, Siderum Pulvis Ensemble, Daniël Brüggen. Consort Mirabile (Founding Member), Soledad Brondino, Kevin Kim and Lisa Kortleitner. As recorder player she has taken part in many master classes with Daniël Brüggen, Lorenzo Cavasanti, Peter van Heygen, Sebastian Marq, John Tyson, Reine-Marie Verhagen and Dorothea Winter. She also performs as a vocalist. Ms Boccafogli has performed with many Italian Baroque ensembles, such as Bal’danza, Charivari and the Coro da Camera di Bologna. With the latter, Ms Boccafogli released two recordings: “Alleluja, Nativitas” in 2006, and “Terzo libro de’ madrigali a cinque voci di Camillo Cortellini” in 2009 (both with Tactus Records). Ms Boccafogli earlier trained as a professional vocalist under Michele Andalò and Kelly McClendon. Alice presently furthers her studies with Daniël Brüggen, and singing with baritone Vitali Rozynko and mezzo Elisa Fortunati. In June 2014, she graduated as Master in Music Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatiore in the Hague, with methodologies in Recorder and the Kodály method. As a specialist in the field, Alice teaches both the Early Childhood and Music Preparatory class for children 4-7 years at the Virtuosi School of Music in The Hague & Leiden. She is also available for group and individual instrumental lessons.

Alice Boccafogli – Solfege / Early Childhood / Music Preparation Class / Recorder / Singing

Photo of Etelka Nagy

Etelka Nagy

Teacher in: Flute
Languages of teaching: English, Italian & Hungarian

Hungarian flute player, Etelka Roza Nagy was born in 1988 in Budapest. She started playing the flute at the age of eight. Her first teacher was Maria Herczegh. She participated in both chamber music and solo flute playing competitions throughout her training, winning first prize at the The Bantai Vilmos Flute Competition. At the age of thirteen, she was admitted to the Egressy Beni Conservatory in Budapest, where she studied for four years with professor Gyula Csetenyi. From 2004 she played Budapest’s Vig theater as a chamber musician. During that period she had the opportunity to play in both chamber & symphonic orchestras. In 2005, aged seventeen, she was admitted to the University of Miskolc, in the Bartok Bela Institute of Music. There she studied with Eszter Illes. Here she was selected as soloist to play in concert with the university’s orchestra, conducted by the Chilean conductor, Santiago Meza. Through this she received an invitation to tour as a soloist in Chile with the in-house orchestra of the Andres Bello University. Between 2005 and 2010, years was given the opportunity to play with the Symphonic Orchestra of Eger, and participated in the annual Summer course of Conducting, in Pomaz. In this period she also and became associated with the Presto chamber orchestra. She appeared regularly with the symphonic orchestra of the National Theater of Miskolc, with whom she played operatic works including Madama Butterfy & The Barber of Sevilla.  Since 2006 she has taught students from children to adult, and from 2009 children from 7 to 17 years old in the Music School of Pecel. In 2010 she won first prize in the National Flute Competition for University students (Hungary), the same year graduating as a flute teacher and a chamber music player. Here she learned in depth about teaching methodologies, in both practical and theoretical terms, including the Kodaly and the Kovacs method. In 2011 she started her master studies in the F. A. Bonporti Conservatory, in Trento, Italy, with professor Emilio Galante. She studied modern, and contemporary music for flute. She here had the opportunity to learn electronic music as well. During her years in Italy she participated in several competitions as a soloist, (she won one first and one second prize in the AudiMozart! Competition in Rovereto) and with one of her classmates as a flute duet won prizes in national and international competitions across Italy in Florence, Lamporecchio and Torino). In 2012 and 2013 she attended chamber music courses in Verona with Andrea Dindo. She has participated in masterclasses by flautists including Zoltan Gyongyossy, James Galway, Robert Dick, Leon Berendse, Hansgeorg Schmeiser. She graduated in Italy in 2014 & came to the Netherlands to study at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Thies Roorda. Here her focus has been on contemporary music. Etelka has more than 20 years experience on flute, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with pupils from beginner to advanced, across all ages:

“… I always loved to teach. Sharing the knowledge which I have, and figuring out what can be achieved when we think together about music. As an instrumental teacher I have the chance, and the responsbility to show students how can they let their feelings and thoughts flow through music with a secure technical background. I am very open minded and very interested in people. I try to keep my eyes as open as I can, and listen to people’s stories. I believe that the only way of building a peaceful world is to learn every day from everyone who crosses your road in life, and to achieve happiness without harming others.”