Photo of Alice Boccafogli

Alice Boccafogli

Teacher in: Recorder, Early Childhood, Music Preparation Class, Singing
Languages of teaching: English, Italian, French

Recorder player and soprano Alice Boccafogli was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1983. Ms Boccafogli studied flute at the “G. B. Martini” Conservatorio in Bologna under Giorgio Zagnoni. She also studied recorder at the same institute with Giorgio Pacchioni and Daniele Salvatore. She graduated summa cum laude in March 2008. Alice specialises in both Contemporary & Early repertiore, working with the Prime Project in Lausanne (Switzerland), Antonio Politano, Siderum Pulvis Ensemble, Daniël Brüggen. Consort Mirabile (Founding Member), Soledad Brondino, Kevin Kim and Lisa Kortleitner. As recorder player she has taken part in many master classes with Daniël Brüggen, Lorenzo Cavasanti, Peter van Heygen, Sebastian Marq, John Tyson, Reine-Marie Verhagen and Dorothea Winter. She also performs as a vocalist. Ms Boccafogli has performed with many Italian Baroque ensembles, such as Bal’danza, Charivari and the Coro da Camera di Bologna. With the latter, Ms Boccafogli released two recordings: “Alleluja, Nativitas” in 2006, and “Terzo libro de’ madrigali a cinque voci di Camillo Cortellini” in 2009 (both with Tactus Records). Ms Boccafogli earlier trained as a professional vocalist under Michele Andalò and Kelly McClendon. Alice presently furthers her studies with Daniël Brüggen, and singing with baritone Vitali Rozynko and mezzo Elisa Fortunati. In June 2014, she graduated as Master in Music Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatiore in the Hague, with methodologies in Recorder and the Kodály method. As a specialist in the field, Alice teaches both the Early Childhood and Music Preparatory class for children 4-7 years at the Virtuosi School of Music in The Hague & Leiden. She is also available for group and individual instrumental lessons.

Alice Boccafogli – Solfege / Early Childhood / Music Preparation Class / Recorder / Singing

Photo of Earl Christy

Earl Christy

Teacher in: Guitar & Lute
Languages of teaching: English & Italian

Earl Christy is an American lutenist and guitarist whose activities include performing, teaching and composition. He received his Batchelor’s (2000) and Master’s (2002) degrees from the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag and his Post-Graduate degree (2007) from the Scuole Civiche in Milano, Italy. Earl has taught guitarists of all ages and levels for many years and has experience with teaching diverse styles of music (from blues to classical and rock to country ). His teaching methods place an emphasis on using the students own musical interest to develop their abilities and keep them active and invested in their musical progress.  As a performer he is active throughout Europe in both solo and chamber music settings and has recorded and released “Neue Lautenfruchte”, a CD of his own compositions. As a teacher he has been invited to give masterclasses and lectures (Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids Michigan, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb Illinois, German Lute Society, Gronau Germany, Conservatorio di Musica “Nicolini”, Piacenza Italy ) and has given private instruction in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Poland. Earl is an active researcher whose articles and musical editions have been published by important musicological organizations. Since 2009 Earl resides in Den Haag and is in demand as both a teacher and performer.

Photo of Dorota Gorlow

Dorota Gorlow

Teacher in: Baroque & Classical Oboe, Piano & Music Theory
Languages of teaching: English, Dutch, Polish & Russian

Dorota was born in St. Petersburg but was raised in Cracow, where she started her musical education at the School for Young Talent on Piano. She holds undergraduate degrees on both oboe and piano. Dorota graduated from the Cracow Academy of Music with her Master’s degree in modern oboe and teaching in 2004 and from Royal Conservatiore in The Hague with a Bachelor degree in historical oboes in 2009, under guidance of Frank de Bruine. She was awarded the S. Cohen prize in 2006, and has undertaken masterclasses with Alfredo Bernardini, Michael Niesemann, Elizabeth Wallfish, Jaap ter Linden, Peter van Heyghen, Lars Ulrik Mortensen and Laurence Cummings. She is founding member of “the OBOE ensemble” and plays regularly with “The Bach Orchestra of Netherlands” and the baroque orchestra “Nova Silesia”. She specialises in preparing piano and oboe students for the ABRSM Exams, as well as group theory lessons for all students.

Photo of David MacGregor

David MacGregor

Teacher in: Guitar
Languages of teaching: English

David MacGregor teaches Guitar at the Virtuosi School of music from beginner to advanced levels and has over 16 years of experience teaching his instrument. He is also a touring World Jazz Guitarist, Composer, Recording Artist and Music Educator.  Originally from Scotland, David now spends most of his time travelling around the world performing solo concerts and collaborating with world-renowned musicians as well as giving Master Classes, Workshops.  Although David is mainly known as a ‘Fingerstyle’ Jazz player, over the last 20 + years throughout his career, he has played many different styles of music including Rock and Heavy Metal, Blues, Folk, Traditional Scottish Music, Reggie, Country, Pop and even a little Classical. His approach is to find out what inspires you and to guide you on a fun yet efficient path to get the most out of your lessons.  As well as teaching guitar, David can also offer aspiring professional musicians advise on working within the music industry; help you with your compositions, arranging and music theory, as well as advise on how to put together a great live performance.  For more information about David you can visit his website:

Photo of Indigo Smith-Poelz

Indigo Smith-Poelz

Teacher in: Piano, Harpsichord & Violin
Languages of teaching: English & Dutch

Indigo Smith-Poelz began her musical journey at age six on the violin and a few years later added piano lessons.  A native of Boulder, Colorado, Indigo was introduced to the harpsichord at a summer music institute and at age fourteen, beginning lessons with Dr Elizabeth Farr – harpsichord and organ professor – at CU Boulder. She majored in harpsichord performance and graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory (Oberlin, Ohio, USA) with a BM in historical performance in 2007, studying with Lisa Goode Crawford and William Webb Wiggins. Indigo has also partaken in master classes with Edward Parmentier and Mitzy Meyerson.  In 2007 she moved to Holland as a  student of Jacques Ogg, before continuing her studies at the Utrecht Conservatorium with Siebe Henstra. Currently, she resides in Voorburg and teaches music lessons privately and for Virtuosi in Den Haag.