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Dorota Gorlow

Teacher in: Baroque & Classical Oboe, Piano & Music Theory
Languages of teaching: English, Dutch, Polish & Russian

Dorota was born in St. Petersburg but was raised in Cracow, where she started her musical education at the School for Young Talent on Piano. She holds undergraduate degrees on both oboe and piano. Dorota graduated from the Cracow Academy of Music with her Master’s degree in modern oboe and teaching in 2004 and from Royal Conservatiore in The Hague with a Bachelor degree in historical oboes in 2009, under guidance of Frank de Bruine. She was awarded the S. Cohen prize in 2006, and has undertaken masterclasses with Alfredo Bernardini, Michael Niesemann, Elizabeth Wallfish, Jaap ter Linden, Peter van Heyghen, Lars Ulrik Mortensen and Laurence Cummings. She is founding member of “the OBOE ensemble” and plays regularly with “The Bach Orchestra of Netherlands” and the baroque orchestra “Nova Silesia”. She specialises in preparing piano and oboe students for the ABRSM Exams, as well as group theory lessons for all students.