Photo of Klara Andrlova

Klara Andrlova

Teacher in: Drums, Marimba & Classical Percussion
Languages of teaching: English, Dutch & Czech

Klára was born in 1986 in The Czech Republic. She studied 6 years at Conservatory in Brno prior to receiving her bachelor diploma in Prague at the Academy of Performing Arts. Klára came to Holland for first time as part of the The Erasmus Exchange Program for 5 months. After that she decided to return to do her master’s degree at Koninklijk Conservatoire in Den Haag. She graduated in Classic Percussion and now studies Sonology at the same school. During her study period in Czech Republic she has performed with professional orchestras such as the Prague Chamber Philharmonic, National Theatre Brno, National opera Prague,The FOK Orchestra, Musical theatre in Brno, Brno Philharmony, the contemporary ensemble Berg, Aries Percussion Ensemble and many others. She has attended projects in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Italy and  Spain. In Holland she has had guest performances with the Residentie Orkest and Slagwerk Den Haag and has participated in NJO Academy- percussion ensemble,chamber ensemble and Ligeti Academy. She previously worked as a drum teacher in Brno, and her interests include New music and co-operation with contemporary composers, visual artist and sonologists. Klára likes to work with children and in future she would like to teach not only drums but also keyboard / tuned percussion and percussion ensemble.

Photo of Rubén Castillo del Pozo

Rubén Castillo del Pozo

Teacher in: Drums & Percussion
Languages of teaching: English, Spanish, French & Dutch

Rubén Castillo del Pozo was born in 1991 in Madrid, Spain. He started playing the violin at age seven. He studied six years at the Conservatory Angel Arias Maceín before changing from violin to percussion. After studying several years percussion he first came to the Netherlands. Rubén enjoyed life so much in Holland that he decided to follow a percussion degree at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He graduated in Classical Percussion and Sonology Minor at the same Conservatory. During his professional career in the Netherlands, Rubén has worked with various professional ensembles and orchestras. He has projects with The Hague Philharmonic, The Hague Percussion, ASKO / Schönberg Ensemble and De Doelen done in the field of Contemporary Music. In the field of Early Music, he has made guest appearances with the 18th Century Orchestra, Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Ensemble Combattimento. He has already previously worked as a teacher and substitute teacher in Spain and the Netherlands. His interest lies in historical music, new music and multidisciplinary partnerships (with the creation of the 4&ensemble). With Rubén anyone can learn percussion across all areas from drums to marimba and timpani!