Ensemble Skills

To supplement 1-1 lessons, from September 2018 all students will have the opportunity, and are encouraged to join an ensemble of their choosing for an hour a week throughout the school year. This need not be on their primary instrument, the idea being to gain experience with regard the dynamic of performance in a group setting, to enhance well rounded musical development, hone listening, rhythm, teamwork as well as general awareness and presence. Playing together in groups promotes listening and musicianship, allowing the pupil to apply the technical skills learned in their instrumental tuition to group practice and performance. Attendance is at the initiative of the pupil/parent and teachers will recommend a suitable ensemble for every student.

To enable us to run the ensembles we are adding a contribution of 90 euro for the year to each invoice, which will cover the cost of staffing 30 weeks of ensemble training by one of our specialists, thus adding an extra 30 hours of tuition on top of your weekly instrumental lesson.

The compulsory contribution is set at the minimum needed to cover staffing costs and everyone is encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunity to play in ensemble.


Guitar Ensemble – Mondays 15:15-16:15 – Elckerlyc, Leiden

4 Hands Piano – Tuesdays 15:50-16:50 – Elckerlyc, Leiden

Guitar Ensemble – Tuesdays 16:00-17:00 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Piano Duetto/Terzetto – Wednesdays 18:15-18:45 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Mixed Ensemble with Piano – Wednesdays 18:45-19:15 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Ukulele Ensemble – Thursdays 17:00-18:00 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Music Preparation (4-7 years) – Fridays 16:00-17:00 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Children’s Choir – Fridays 17:15-18:15 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Adult Recorder Consort – Fridays 18:30-19:30 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Music Preparation (4-7 years) – Saturdays 09:30-10:30 – Elckerlyc, Leiden

Recorder Ensemble – Saturdays 10:30-11:30 – Elckerlyc, Leiden

Children’s Choir – Saturdays 11:30-12:30 – Elckerlyc, Leiden

Percussion and Rhythm Training – Saturdays 12:00-13:00 – Virtuosi, Den Haag

Band – Saturdays 13:30-14:30 – Virtuosi, Den Haag